Marketing: From era of study to era of active observation

The marketing strategies of companies are still based on market research done by themself or that they command . These studies, all equally relevant they have always some bias:
– The statistics which is only a probabilistic view of things,
– The interpretation of elements through questions that can guide answers
– The moment of realisation of the study, which is out of kilter with the actual situation studied
– The bad side of declarative studies away from the real facts and events
– The analysis of information that reflects the behaviour of a segment or a sample of people and not of the person itself.
The information that we leave behind most often or that we give explicitly to all those with whom we come in contact in our daily lives make reference to our uses and our behaviour.
All these information are real time, they reflect the reality and are totally individual. This gives them much richness and a strongest utility for the relevance and effectiveness of advertisers and is a real benefit to end customers themselves.
Develop the ability to well pick up all this information and transform them into actions accompaniment and facilitation of the customer experience will totally change the marketing approach of business and customer satisfaction. This is what I call the era of active observation.


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